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  • Full turnout with run-in sheds

  • Daily water checks

  • Hay provided in winter

  • Salt blocks provided

  • Full access to barn and property amenities 

  • Tack storage in the loft

   *Pasture board horses may be fed, fly sprayed, blanketed, etc. for an extra charge


  • Daily turnout based on weather

  • Daily health check

  • Personalized feed/supplements twice a day

  • Daily water changes

  • Hay as needed

  • Salt blocks provided in pastures and stalls

  • Fly spray, fly mask, blankets, bell boots as requested

  • Full access to barn and property amenities 

  • Tack locker in the climate controlled lounge


All boarders at Arbor Hill have full access to the facility.  Each boarder will receive tack storage space.  Stall boarders are welcome to keep a trunk in front of their stall, and all extra belongings can be kept in the loft.  Trailer parking is also available.

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